Founded in 1993, Shandong Weihua Glass CO., Ltd. is located in Linqu Economic Development Zone, which has specialized in building glass for 20 years. Our company has passed ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, the National Safety Glass Compulsory Certification (3C certification), the National Energy-saving Product Certification, and our export products have got through the EU standard (CE certification). Shandong Weihua Glass CO., Ltd. has established a long-term strategic cooperative relation with domestic famous brands, such as CSG and other glass manufactures to product and distribute various high quality deep-processing glass. We mainly supply: Tempered Glass, Laminated Glass, Fire-proof Glass, Insulating Glass, Low Emissivity (LOW-E) Insulating Glass, Lacquer Plate Decorative Glass, Curved Tempered Glass , LOW-E Tempered Glass and so on.
Domestic Marketing Department:
TEL:0086-536-3159759 | MOB:13884815555 | FAX:0536-3159709
International Marketing Department:
TEL:0086-536-8222217 | MOB:15269666617 | FAX:0536-8222219

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